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In late 2019, a small but passionate international collaboration came together to deliver a powerful and innovative image data management platform to support the study and conservation of African Carnivores.

Botswana Predator Conservation - in a leap of faith, BPC agreed to be the pioneering research partner on the African Carnivore Wildbook project, contributing images, data, expertise, resources and much needed advice to the project.

For over two decades, Botswana Predator Conservation has been working to study and preserve wildlife in Africa. It has become one of the longest running conservation projects on the continent. Learn more about them, and donate to their projects at: https://www.bpctrust.org/
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Wild Me - a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, staffed by a small but passionate and innovative team of technologists. Wild Me developed the carnivore-specific algorithms needed in ACW and delivered them on a powerful and easy to use image data management platform, Wildbook. They accomplished this in less than 4 months with a relatively small training dataset, as compared to mainstream AI and computer vision projects. Learn more about Wild Me, and donate to their work here: https://www.wildme.org/

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Tech 4 Conservation (T4C) - a Canadian non-profit organization, acting as bridge between the research team and the technologists, funded and oversaw the creation of the African Carnivore Wildbook platform, with the intention of delivering it to accredited researchers in support of the conservation of these iconic species across Africa. To learn more about T4C, contact us at: info@tech4conservation.org

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POPECOL & WildMove - The Population Ecology Research Group at the University of Zurich has also been a key research partner from day one. This team provided masses of images enabling excellent matching for our first species, African wild dogs. Gabriele Cozzi in particular has been an unwavering supporter of ACW (before it even existed!) and has contributed significantly to its success. You can find out more about their work here: http://www.popecol.org/research/african-wild-dog-dispersal-and-demography/

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Mowa Safaris - owner Nix Sheldon, a proud Motswana (native of Botswana) and a man who knows everyone, brought key stakeholders together in an atmosphere of openness and trust, kicking the whole project into high gear from the start. A safari experience with Nix is an experience like no other - personal, hilarious, poignant, unimaginable. Some of our best memories of Botswana come from our time spent out in the bush with Nix. Learn more about Mowa Safaris here: https://www.mowasafaris.com

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